Court Costs & Fines

The following is a list of total costs for various minor traffic violations in Lee County. These costs are subject to change without notice.

Event Fine
Speeding 1 to 20 Miles Per Hour Above Limit $164
Speeding 21 to 25 Miles Per Hour Above Limit $164
Change Lanes Without Signal $164
Defective Windshield $164
Disregard Traffic Control Device $164
Electronic Communication Device Violation $164
Failure to Obey Stop Sign $164
Failure to Reduce Speed $164
Improper Passing on Left $164
Improper Passing on Shoulder $164
Improper Traffic Lane Usage $164
Improper Turn Signal $164
No Valid Registration $164
Seat Belt Violation $164

Things to Note

The payment of these citations alone does not prevent the violation from being reported to the Secretary of State. Please view the Court Diversion and Supervision page for more information.