Court Diversion & Supervision

Traffic citations do not always require a court appearance. The officer will indicate on the face of the ticket whether a court appearance is necessary. When a traffic citation is issued and does not require a court appearance, the offender has three options in which to dispose of the ticket.


  • Option A: plead guilty and pay the fine in person or by mail without coming to court
  • Option B: plead not guilty, request a trial and appear in court
  • Option C: plead guilty, received supervision and attend traffic school without going to court.

Non-Court Appearance

Not everyone is eligible for Option C. The offender is only eligible to receive court supervision without coming to court if:

  • The offender must be over the age of 18, any offender under the age of 18 must go to court to receive supervision and needs to contact the Traffic Department to set a court date. If the offender is over 21 they are eligible for online traffic school which is $75 and the in-person class is $50.
  • The offender has not had court supervision for any violation committed with the previous twelve months from the date of the ticket in this case.
  • The offender is willing to plead guilty on the traffic ticket, request court supervision, and pay the prescribed fines, costs, and fees for such a violation.
  • If eligible, the offender will complete court supervision successfully without coming to court If:
    • The offender completes the four-hour traffic school course within the specified time of court supervision.
    • The offender does not receive any additional traffic citations during the supervision period.
    • If supervision is completed successfully, there will be no conviction reported to the Secretary of State.
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