Guidelines & Policies

Snow Removal

The Lee County Highway Department operates on one “day time” shift of personnel. It is not our intent to secure a “bare pavement” on the roads under our jurisdiction. Our first priority is to plow snow.

New Driveway Culverts & Extensions

The landowner is responsible for:

  • Filling out all access forms
  • Paying all fees to the Lee County Highway Department
  • Obtaining the design drawing for driveway culvert installation from the Lee County Highway Department
  • Purchasing the proper culvert and accessories for the installation of the driveway entrance culvert
  • Ensuring that -- J.U.L.I.E. (“one-call system”) is contacted 48 hours before any digging is initiated.
    • J.U.L.I.E. Phone: 1-800-892-0123
  • Obtaining a contractor to properly install the driveway, at the landowner’s cost
  • Notifying the Lee County Highway Department when the installation is completed, so that the Lee County Highway Department can inspect the job to see if the installation was completed correctly