Appeal & Denial of Requests


All county employees are encouraged to provide information when requested by the public. Information provided or denied must conform to the legal requirements under the Act. It may also be denied if it falls within a category under 5 ILCS/140/3(f) of the Act.

When a public body denies a request for public records, that body must, within five days, or within an extended compliance period provided for in the Act, notify the person who made the request, by letter, of the decision to deny the request. The letter must explain the reasons for denial, and give the names and titles of all persons responsible for the denial.


Each County Department has designated a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer to receive and process FOIA requests for information available in the Department. Any person denied access by a particular County Department to inspect or copy any public record for any reason may appeal the denial by sending a writing notice of appeal to the County FOIA Officer.


FOIA requesters may have to pay fees covering some or all of the costs of processing their request. Fees may be limited to actual mailing costs, duplication or publication costs. If a fee is due, you will be contacted on the costs, which must be paid prior to receiving the requested documents. If copying costs exceed $25, a letter stating that you will pay all copying fees will be requested prior to the processing of your request.