What do Public Defender’s handle?

Public Defenders are responsible for all aspects of a case, including:

  • Client interview
  • Investigation
  • Legal research and writing
  • Motion and trial practice
  • Witness review

Caseloads range from all felonies to misdemeanors, and juvenile abuse and neglect cases.

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1. What do Public Defender’s handle?
2. How did I get a Public Defender assigned to my case?
3. What if I am able to hire my own attorney?
4. What else happens at my first appearance/arraignment?
5. What about bond and bond reductions?
6. What if I am on probation or parole?
7. When do I get to speak with my attorney?
8. What is a pre-trial conference?
9. Will I get to see the police reports and witness statements?
10. What can I do to help my lawyer help me?
11. What about courtroom security?
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13. Are Public Defender's real attorneys?