When do I get to speak with my attorney?

In most instances, your assigned attorney will attempt to speak with you prior to your first court appearance before the assigned Judge at the time. Again, if you are on bond, the attorney may speak with you by phone or arrange for you to come into the office for a face to face appointment.

In Jail

If you are in jail, your lawyer, time permitting, will come to see you in person. You should understand that your attorney will have no independent information about your case until he appears in court for a first pretrial conference. This usually occurs within ten to fourteen days of the date of your arraignment. Your first court date before the assigned Trial Judge is not set by your lawyer. It is the judge's responsibility to set the cases as quickly as his or her caseload permits.

On Bond

If you are on bond make sure you know when your next court date is and that your contact information with our office is up-to-date. Our inability to contact you could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and the revocation of your bond. If you are in jail, unfortunately, you may have no advance formal notice of your first pretrial and will simply be brought up on the date set by the court.

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