What can I do to help my lawyer help me?

If you are aware of potential witnesses who possess information regarding your case who you feel might be of help to you and your defense, be prepared to provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of such persons. Your lawyer will need to contact them in advance of any trial date to discuss with them their anticipated testimony.

Do Not Disclose

Do not discuss your case with anyone. This would most definitely include any law enforcement officer or member of the prosecution staff. If you are confined in jail, do not discuss your case with fellow inmates as it is not unusual for the police and prosecution to employ informants who could end up testifying against you. Further, keep in mind that all phone calls by inmates at the county jail are recorded.

Have no communication with the court and judge assigned to your case. This includes communications in written form and by letter. It is always best to allow any communication regarding you or your case to come through your attorney. Judges do not read your correspondence if you have counsel already. They simply forward the letter to your Public Defender. The best assistance you can give your Public Defender is being a cooperative, concerned and responsible client. Remember that you find yourself in a very serious situation requiring your complete attention,

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