Non-Posted Roads

  1. BROOKLYN ROAD:       from Rt. 30 to Spur Road
  2. CHICAGO ROAD:          from Rt. 251 to the Village limits of Paw Paw
  3. CORREGIDOR RD.:     from Rt. 30 to Sterling Road
  4. INLET ROAD:                 from Rt. 30 to Green Wing Road
  5. INLET ROAD:                from just South of Fischer Quarry to Rock Road
  6. INLET ROAD:                from Rt. 52 to Sublette Road
  7. MOUND HILL RD.:        from Palmyra Road to ┬╝ mile south of Paris Road
  8. NACHUSA ROAD:        from Rt. 38 to Route 52
  9. NORTH BATAAN RD.:  from Corregidor Road to Subic Road
  10. PAW PAW RD.:             from Rt. 30 to Paw Paw
  11. PERRY RD.:                 from Rt. 251 to just East of I-39
  12. ROCK ISLAND RD.:     from Dixon to the Whiteside County Line
  13. SUBIC ROAD:               from North Bataan Road to South Bataan Road
  14. SOUTH BATAAN RD.:   from Corregidor Road to Subic Road
  15. SPUR RD.:                    from West Brooklyn Rd. to Rt. 251
  16. STERLING RD.:            from Rt. 26 to Harmon
  17. STERLING RD.:            from Rt. 26 to Walton Road
  18. SHAW RD:                    from Brooklyn Rd. to Route 251
  19. STEWARD RD.            from Perry Rd. to the Grain Elevator that is just North of Steward
  20. STEWARD RD:            from Rt. 30 to the Grain Elevator in the Village of Scarboro
  21. WALTON RD:               from Sterling Rd. to Village of Walton