Guidelines & Policies

Snow Removal:

  • Note: The Lee County Highway Department operates on (1) one -- “day time”-- shift of Personnel.
    It is not our intent to secure a “Bare Pavement” on the roads under our jurisdiction.
  • Our first priority is to plow snow.


New Driveway Culverts and Extensions:

The landowner is responsible for:

  1. Filling out all access forms
  2. Paying all fees to the Lee County Highway Dept.
  3. Obtaining the design drawing for driveway culvert installation from the Lee County Highway Dept.
  4. Purchasing the proper culvert and accessories for the installation of the driveway entrance culvert
  5. Ensuring that -- J.U.L.I.E. (“one call system”) is contacted 48 hours before any digging is initiated.

          JULIE – Phone# -- 1-800-892-0123

  1. Obtaining a contractor to properly install the driveway, at the landowner’s cost
  2. Notify Lee County Highway Dept. when the installation is completed, so Lee County Highway Dept. can inspect the job to see if the installation was completed correctly