Welcome to the Lee County GIS Website


Welcome to the Lee County GIS Portico Website! CLICK HERE or on the globe to open the map. The site is designed to display geographic (map) and related property information.  The site has two levels of access available, "GUEST" (no cost) and "PROFESSIONAL" ($420 annual fee). 

Features of the GUEST site include 1) searching for parcels by property address or parcel number; 2)  map navigational tools such as panning, and zooming in/out; 3)  map printing; 4)  emailing a map link; 5)  and measuring area by acreage or square feet.  Property specific information is also available such as parcel number, legal description, lot dimensions, assessed value, recent sales information, real estate taxes, homestead exemptions, and residential building information such as size, age, etc. 

The PROFESSIONAL site was created to offer a higher level of data access to real estate professionals in a secure environment.  It includes everything available on the GUEST site along with these additional functions:  1)  ability to search by owner's name, 2)  ability to perform advanced property searches using criteria such as township, sale date, sale price, property class, story-type, home square footage, home age, etc.; 3) export of limited search results, and 4) create a list of parcels within a specific buffer distance.  Additional property specific information includes ownership, residential building sketches, and photographs (when available).  To apply for an annual subscription to the PROFESSIONAL GIS Portico Website complete the APPLICATION and submit it along with the $420 annual fee. 

To access the site click on the "GIS/Maps" tool.  Enter your user name and password or enter the site as a GUEST.  Refer to the tutorial for additional information on navigating around the maps.  If you have any questions, contact the Assessment Office or the GIS/IT Department.