Probation Contact Information

The Lee County Probation Department is located in the New Courts Building on the corner of 3rd Street and South Galena in Dixon, Illinois.  The Juvenile and Adult Probation Offices are located on the fourth floor.

 Adult Division:  815-284-5247
Juvenile Division:  815-284-5267

Staci Stewart, Director   Ext. 104
Geoff Livengood, Caseload Supervisor   Ext. 103
Lesley Dever, Probation Officer   Ext. 105
Mike Wilcox, Probation Officer   Ext. 106
Christy Laws, Probation Officer   Ext. 108
Amy Linder, Probation Officer   Ext. 107
Autumn Smith, Probation Officer            Ext. 112
Kyrstn McKean, Probation Officer   Ext  111
Jodi Monk, Secretary   Ext. 101