Work Release Program

When placed on Periodic Imprisonment by the courts, payments for such are paid in the Lee Circuit Clerk Office. Resolution 97-02-008 passed by the Lee County Board on February 18, 1997, sets the room and board rates for work release prisoners. The resolution states that all persons who are sentenced to periodic imprisonment in the Lee County Jail shall pay a fee for room and board as follows:

  1. Employed offenders shall be charged a per diem rate of two times their normal and standard gross hourly wage for seven days per week.
  2. The minimum per diem charge shall be set at $6.00 per day.
  3. The maximum per diem charge shall be set at $45.00.
  4. All figures shall be rounded to the nearest dollar value.
  5. Those offenders working less than thirty five hours per week, but more than 20 hours per week, may be charged a rate two times their normal and standard gross hourly wage for only the number of days actually worked.
  6. Those offenders working less than 20 hours per week shall have the fee established by the court on an individual basis.

Lee County Jail-Guidelines for Work Release

  1. The offender can work only 48 hours a week total regardless of how many jobs they may have.
  2. The offender must have a set schedule from their employer and must furnish a copy of their schedule to the jail.
  3. The offender cannot work at any place that serves or sells alcohol.
  4. The offender will not ingest, inhale, and/or inject any type of controlled substance and/or cannabis.
  5. The offender will not enter an establishment that serves or sells any alcoholic beverages.
  6. The offender will not consume or ingest any type of alcohol including cough syrup.
  7. The offender will consent to breath, blood, or urine tests daily.
  8. The offender must be able to pay the appropriate amount determined by the probation department for room and board.
  9. The offender will not leave the State of Illinois
  10. The offender must furnish the pay stubs to the Lee County Jail when they get paid.
  11. The offender will abide by all rules of the Court, the State, and the Lee County Jail.